How to Join Us

Is your photography or camera club interested in joining the ACCC?

If you club is interested in joining, please contact us with the following information:

  • Identify the president of your club,
  • information on how often and where you meet,
  • approximately how many members are in your club,
  • who will be the club’s representative on the ACCC along with their e-mail, and phone #
  • A check for $20 made out to the “Arizona Camera Club Council”

Once we your information and the check is received by our treasurer, your organization will be an official member.


Your club members have additional opportunities:

  1. Bi-annual competitions through our Fall and Spring Roundup(s)
  2. Recognition through awards and publication of images, at the next Roundup and through our social media channels
  3. Nationally known guest speakers at the Roundup(s)
  4. Fellowship with other photographers
  5. Connection with the Photography Society of America (PSA) and additional competition and recognition opportunities via the PSA