ACCC is currently holding our Roundups virtually rather than in-person.

Until we resume in-person Roundups, our competitions are limited to the Projected Images Division.

We are not currently holding competitions in the Print Division

The spreadsheet for recording entries can be downloaded by clicking here. After uploading a box will open, be sure to click on “enable macros” to fully open the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Each Club Rep brings print entries for their club to the ACCC Board meeting held about one month before each Roundup. It’s very important for the Club Rep to properly check all the print entries ahead of time to ensure all prints adhere to the ACCC Competition Rules. The Club Rep should give the club member an opportunity to correct any issues before bringing the prints to the ACCC Board meeting.

Along with the prints, each Club Rep also prepares a spreadsheet listing all the print entries for their club. The Club Rep brings one printed copy of the spreadsheet to the ACCC Board Meeting, along with payment ($1 per entry). At the ACCC Board meeting, the Club Rep should first pay the Treasurer, who will sign the printed list of entries. Then the Club Rep can submit the signed list along with the prints to the Print Chair. 

Last, a day or two before the ACCC Board meeting the Club Rep should email the completed spreadsheet to the Competition Secretary (jim.warthman AT The spreadsheets from all clubs will be merged into a “master list” for use by the Print Chair during the print judging.