ACCC is an acronym for the Arizona Camera Club Council. ACCC is the way camera clubs in Arizona can work together on common goals and compete/show the images of club members. There are currently thirteen clubs that make up ACCC. In addition, ACCC also provides a way for individuals, not just other clubs, to join in competitions and other activities, although there are very few individuals who participate in this way. ACCC is also a member of the Photographic Society of America (PSA).

ACCC holds three competitions each year. Two are for Arizona members, which are known as Roundups; one is held in the Spring and the other in the Fall. The third competition is the Grand Canyon International Competition, a PSA sanctioned competition.

ACCC is non-profit and each club pays a fee to be a member, which allows each club to have a representative on the ACCC governing board and have a voice in goals and activities.

Each club in the ACCC is permitted to have one representative to be on the governing board of the council. The club representative will speak for interest of that club. 

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